Founded in 2016, because websites have to be Build Beautiful For Humans


Donatas was building websites for himself since 2003 from the scratch because nobody could do it as well as him for the affordable price. In 2013 he got into e-commerce and fall in love with it. To do it properly he needed to learn a lot of things such as Design, Coding, Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Colours psychology, Customer's behavior patterns, Analytical skills, test many apps and software's, try different platforms, learn from the best business and marketing people and much more...

By the way to be on top of the game learning never stops!

We are proud to be officially "Squarespace Circle" and "Shopify Partners"


Meet The Team

We’re a small team by design. Our partnerships with our clients are close-knit, agile, and personal.

Donatas is our project manager, so he’s the direct point of contact for our clients. Clients can email Donatas any time for a quick response, and he’s also available by phone, Skype, messenger.

Managing Director, Project Manager

Consultant, Editor

Photographer, Videographer

and other amazing regular contractors and freelancers working for us too...

Our work process depends on whether a project involves updates to an existing site, a from-scratch custom website design, or a setup using an existing theme.

One thing we always do, though is ask questions to make sure we understand our clients’ specific goals for their projects and how we can best help them succeed.

Custom Design projects involve an intense process of research, wire framing, crafting design mockups, and then building a custom site with our eye for detail and usability.

A lower cost alternative is to use an existing Shopify theme as the foundation for a storefront, rather than a fully-custom design. However, we still take time to make sure we understand our client’s business, customize a theme with care, and create a beautiful and functional online store.

Our 6 Step Process

    We consult with you to determine your big-picture goals, understand your aesthetic preferences, and evaluate the competitive playing field in order to craft an appropriate strategy.
    We sketch rough wireframes to quickly nail down the page layouts and get your feedback, then craft pixel-perfect design mockups and meet with you to make any necessary changes.
    Our crack development team converts the mockups into functional, responsive, working code. We meet with you to review the progress.
    We kick the tires and do a full inspection, making sure the code is up-to-snuff—that is, SEO-friendly, fast-loading, bug-free, and functioning exactly as planned.
    You sign off with your final approval, and the site goes live. Hooray! (cue cash register sound effects)
    We help you build an audience by connecting with real people who need your products through SEO and other methods. We also help you maintain and update the site.

Tell us what you have in mind. We’d be happy to hear about your project.

The price and turnaround time for your custom Squarspace or Shopify design will depend on several factors, including the complexity of your website and our availability to take on projects.

We can tailor our services to suit just about any budget, but our most successful clients plan on investing between £750 -£3,500 or more on their website design & development.

Updates to an existing website or shops built using an existing theme often range from £300 - £1,000.

A normal turnaround time for a custom design is usually between 6-12 weeks. If you’re in a hurry, we can discuss the possibility of a faster turnaround for a rush fee.

Your needs are unique, so let’s talk. Send us a message about your project and we’ll figure out if we’re right to work together.