Creating a Personal Brand that is Unforgettable

A personal brand can either be phenomenal, or it can be ho-hum, depending on how much time and effort a person puts into it.  With that said a person can put a thousand hours into their personal brand and still have it be bad if they are not creating it properly.  

There are many things that a person can do while they are creating their personal brand in order to make it stand out from others.

  1. The internet is how many people find new brands and share how they feel about every brand out there. Everyone who is trying to build their personal brand will want to take advantage of this and make a website that shows that the brand is worthy of a person’s time and money. Anyone can build a website, but savvy business people who are building their brand know that they need to purchase their domain name. If a person purchases their domain name, they will be able to control the information that is found online. Plus, if the domain name is no longer available, no one else will be able to use it to post anything horrible about that brand using the domain.
  2. Once a person has their own domain name and website, they will want to determine what makes their brand stand out from all of the others. It could be something as simple as items being shipped out shortly after an order is received or that the customer service of the company is extraordinary.
  3. Some brands will meet the expectations of their customers in the beginning, and then the company gets busy, and customer service starts to fail. This should never happen, so everyone who is building their personal brand will want to find ways to continue offering the same service that their company had in the beginning. The best personal brands always increase the value of the items and service that their customers receive.
  4. Speaking of increasing the value, anyone in business knows that the quality of anything that is offered by a brand needs to be exceptional. A successful personal brand is a contingent on the quality of the product or service being excellent over and over again. No customer is going to want to support a brand that begins to take shortcuts because it will save the business time or money. Every customer wants to receive the best product for the money that they are spending.
  5. While many people will remember a cute logo or an eye catching the colour of a sign, everyone will remember if a personal brand has a mantra. Mantras are short phrases that can attract the attention of everyone. All successful brands have them, and they do make a difference. Sit back and think about how less successful Subway would be without their signature £5 footlong jingle or Nike without their “Just Do It” mantra.
  6. Every business can be more successful than they are if they do one simple thing. All they need to do is keep their word. If a brand promises their customers something, then they need to follow through. It can be something as simple as replying to customer emails within 24 hours or mailing orders out within two days. Whatever a business promises to customers of their brand; they need to follow through and make sure that it happens.
  7. All businesses want to make money; however, most customers like to see when a business is active with a local organisation.  Many people will support a brand that donates time or money to a charity. It is not enough though to just do it. Businesses need to make sure that their customers know that they are doing it as well as let their customers see them out in the community helping at different events.

All of these above tips are useful when it comes to creating a personal brand, but businesses need to remember that things change over time. It is always a good idea to evaluate the personal brand and see if any changes need to be made to improve it further. After a while, it may be necessary to reintroduce the brand to everyone in order to increase people’s knowledge of the brand and sales. Over the years, a business’s skills improve and customers need to be aware of how much the company has grown since the beginning. Seeing the growth may be enough for new people to check out what the company has to offer.

A brand is vital for any business, and if a company is struggling with their personal brand and they don’t know where to start to fix it, then they might want to hire a personal brand coach to point them in the right direction. The right coach will be able to show them different ways to improve their brand quickly and efficiently.